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ATC Network celebrates Decennial Year

Friday, March 09, 2012 12:00 AM
ATC Network celebrates Decennial Year
ATC Network is cellebrating 10 years of collaboration with the ATC industry this month following another succesful show at ATC global in Amsterdam.

It is 10 years to the month since current ATC Network Director, Chris Wade took to the helm of the organisation.

"I joined VercomNet in 2000 at which point I was tasked to take charge of 6 airport based networks. (Airport Construction, Passenger Handling, Aircraft Handling, Cargo Handling, Airport Service Equipment and ATC Network). Unfortunately 2 years later the company went into liquidation and it was at that point I decided to continue with ATC Network which at that time was the most succesful of the six communities."

In 2002 I began to reconrstruct the website and continued distributing the ATC company and Product Directory. We made many visits to exhibitions and continued to build the database of ATC professionals."

Between 2002 and 2008 we progressed with a new website and continued to build the network of professionals and made many collaborations with industry organisations.

In 2008 ATC Network joined We Focus and with this collaboration expanded it's staff to 15 people. With the extra work force we were able to launch new services such as the Tender Information Service ( ) and the new Special Bulletin Magazines ( ).

"Since our co-operation with We Focus, an established Media company, we have been able to broaden our services to include Business Intelligence, and provide cost effective publications for the industry.

"We have achieved around 30% growth in revenues year on year since 2008 which is quite an achievement considering we do not use any call-centre type sales at ATC Network.

I hear from our customers all the time the frustration they have with traditional media and new media companies who are constantly exasperated by aggressive sales stratergies.

I have always thought the way forward was to use our personell in developing better services for our customers and to make available a flexible service."

"The reason we have over 170 companies using our services is that we are able to offer a flexible service. We are not a large publishing company with restrictions on pricing. After nearly 20 years of being in this industry I understand the issues of organisations in this industry. We can offer a package that suits each company."

I hope the next ten years will bring us as continued success in providing a quality service to our customers. It is these customers I would like to thank for your continued support on behalf of all our staff. Thank You!."
Author: ATC Network
From: ATC Network
Date: Friday, March 09, 2012 12:00 AM


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