Simulator Pilot


As a simulation pilot (W/M/D), you are a service provider in the FVK training and further education. You also serve the existing simulation facilities and thus support smooth training, further and further education of the operational staff.

As a simulation pilot (W/M/D), according to each exercise you navigate a wide variety of aircraft according to instructions from the training air traffic controllers according to civilian and military procedural rules. These take place in English and German according to ICAO Standard. You will secure professional radio communication during the exercise and simultaneously implement the instructions in the simulation device.


  • Completed training, preferably training with theoretical and practical flight (e.g. aviation industry) with professional experience
  • Knowledge from the field of aviation
  • Ideally, you are in possession of a pilot licenses PPL, CPL, ATPL or have successfully completed the basic training as a air traffic controller (W/M/D)
  • Very good knowledge of the German and English language and ideally dominate radio traffic at level BZF I or AZF
  • Ability and willingness to quickly familiarize yourself with new IT systems
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