Aeronautical Analyst - Airport


Job Summary:

A NAVBLUE Aeronautical Data Analyst is responsible for updating and maintaining the aeronautical information that is used in our products. As a member of one of our data production teams, you will be able to use customized tools and processes to meet our high quality standards and specification requirements.


  • Analyze of relevant aeronautical State Publications that require changes to be made to the aeronautical data within the Aerodrome database
  • Utilize software to compile & digitally produce data using dedicated software by extracting geometries, assigning features and defining properties to the required specification and standard
  • Ensure that predetermined deadlines are met
  • Answer customer queries relating to data supplied to them
  • Clarify any source data problems from various countries’ Aeronautical Information Departments
  • Liaise with the relevant departments for any queries including any State source data problems using the appropriate communication method
  • Ensure good housekeeping, Health & Safety and Quality is maintained at all times
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