ATC Supervisor - Advanced Training



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DSNA Services and ENAC
2 to 12 days - upon request

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ATC Supervisor is a training programme proposed jointly by DSNA Services and ENAC, the French Civil Aviation Academy.
For a fair balance between theory and practical case studies, we propose training courses delivered by two instructors: an ENAC expert and an operational ATC Supervisor working for DSNA, the French ANSP.

Three levels are proposed (Initial, Refresher, Advanced) to provide senior Air Traffic Controllers with relevant guidelines that will help them succeed as Air Traffic Control Supervisors.

Advanced training (2 days to 12 days) - Topics covered among:

  • Supervisor Manual customisation workshop
  • Emergency situations management
  • Collaborative Decision Making (CDM)
  • Dynamic Airspace Management
  • Airport ATC Operations safety and efficiency

Pre-requisite(s): significant experience as an ATC Supervisor

Next sessions: upon request

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