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Global Air Traffic Management Shool
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Comprehensive Analysis of Aviation Infrastructure for the 21st Century. Comprehensive analysis of the most recognized aviation organizations vision for how the future of aviation and the delivery of aviation services around the globe will be. It includes everything from the changes in the airplanes, to the way air traffic control will be handled We will go through to apply civil aviation tactical management principles and concepts to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your air navigation system. We will also go through the process of Consolidating the Components of the ATM System 1.Demand and Capacity Balancing 2.Airspace Organization & Management 3.Air Traffic Services / Traffic Synchronization (ACC/TML/TWR) 4.Conflict Management / Air Traffic Flow Management / Emergency Handling We will brainstorm to resolve problems and issues associated with Air Navigation Systems management This training has been designed for: All managers involved in planning or organizing the modernization of Air Navigation Systems, such as: Directors of Air Traffic Management Services Managers and Supervisors of Air Traffic Services Managers and Officials of Civil Aviation Authorities Managers and Officials of Military Aviation Authorities