Safety Nets - Buying, Optimising, Maintaining


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Safety Nets – Buying, Optimising, Maintaining:

This course covers the four classic safety nets:

  • Short Term Conflict Alert
  • Minimum Safe Altitude Warning
  • Area Proximity Warning
  • Approach Path Monitor

The aim of all safety nets is the same: To provide sufficient warning for the controller, and at the same time reduce the nuisance alert rate to a minimum.

The course is ideal for the ANSP looking to purchase a new safety nets system, or for those who wish to set up their system for optimum performance.

The course can be tailored to the needs of the client, and typically covers the following topics:

  • How typical safety nets work
  • Enhancements that are worth asking for
  • The key principles for setting up your safety nets system
  • Optimisation techniques
  • Maintaining safety nets performance