ACI Europe 24th General Assembly Congress & Exhibition
Messe, Frankfurt, Germany

Event description

The ACI EUROPE General Assembly, Congress & Exhibition addresses the most important issues facing the aviation industry, bringing you enriching and engaging educational sessions and many opportunities to network with your peers from around the globe.

Key Topics to be explored:

  • Connectivity is by essence what airports provide, whatever their size. It is core to their social role as public infrastructure, a role that is acquiring a new strategic dimension in a context where Europe is increasingly becoming dependant on trade with emerging/emerged countries.

  • The Airport Leaders Symposium – discussing the fundamental issues of the moment and addressing how the importance of connectivity is understood in their communities.

  • The Airline Conversation – expanding connectivity through alliance, partnership and hub competition.

  • The Investor Conversation – wide acceptance of the importance of connectivity is vital to protecting asset values and for paving the way for future investment. How much is this understood in our cities and regions?

  • Connectivity case studies – Is the evidence of connectivity succeeding?
  • Connectivity and the retail dividend: Maximising spend among the Chinese and other world travellers.

Event location

Messe Frankfurt Germany

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