ATC Global 2010
RAI, Amsterdam, NL

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Book your place at the ATC Global conference Today! For event information and conference & exhibition visitor registrations click here Improving ATM Services during Challenging Economic Times The 2010 ATC Global conference is the most important conference yet for decision-makers among ANSPs, regulators, technology providers, aircraft operators and other ATM stakeholders. The industry faces two major challenges: in the long term, to build a safer, more efficient, more environmentally responsible and connected global ATM system, while in the short term to manage a severe revenue shortfall at a time of increasing investment requirements. The key conference theme will therefore be: can ANSPs improve performance while cutting costs? New subjects and a new format for a new challenge - debates, opinions, solutions. ATC Global 2010 will bring together leaders from the global ATM community in a single venue to discuss solutions to these challenges in new, more interactive, forums:
  • The big debate: ATM leaders give their views on how to fix the ATM industry
  • Reversing roles: ANSPs & airlines take the role of CEOs of other organisations to better understand other industry viewpoints
  • Is regional cooperation working efficiently?
  • Will the reality of SESAR and NextGen meet the promise?
  • Over 25 confirmed speakers include: Graham Lake, Director General, CANSO; Hank Krakowski, COO, ATO, FAA; David McMillan, Director General, EUROCONTROL; Patrick Dlamini, CEO, ATN; V P Agrawal, Chairman, Airports Authority of India and Jan Klas, Director General, ANS of the Czech Republic. As a delegate you will gain free entry to the three-day exhibition running alongside the conference on 9 11 March. 200 major industry suppliers will showcase the products and technologies re-shaping ATM. In addition, there will be a number of workshops co-organised with decision-making bodies ICAO, SESAR JU, FAA, EUROCONTROL, 30 short seminars, industry awards and 20th anniversary keynote.

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