ATCA Tech Symposium 2023
Resorts Casino Hotel, Atlantic City, NJ, USA

Event description

After a way too long suspension due to the pandemic, ATCA, along with its Tech Symposium co-chairs FAA and NASA, are excited to announce the return of the in-person Tech Symposium, April 25-27, 2023. As in past years, the Symposium is being held in coordination with FAA’s popular Tech Center Tuesday event. ATCA’s premier technical event, the Symposium will focus on the latest ideas, research, products, and services in the air traffic management arena.

Themed "Enabling Technologies and Capabilities for the Future NAS"  this year’s ATCA Technical Symposium is all about how we innovate and implement. From the FAA William J. Hughes Technical Center’s Tech Tuesday to the Symposium stage at Resorts, we have developed a compelling and holistic agenda tackling the biggest technical challenges and opportunities of the day, including airspace resilience, automation, machine learning and AI, and the intersection of safety and efficiency.

Integration is the name of the game today, and without a healthy dose of innovation and creativity, we’re not going to get too far maximizing the many capabilities enabled by an open and accessible airspace. At least not fast enough to satisfy those used to the pace in Silicon Valley. Artificial intelligence and its fraternal twin, machine learning, will be deeply embedded in this new future airspace. It’s going to take a lot of collaboration, both inside and outside our industry, to harness the power of these technologies, especially in an environment as safety-critical as the NAS.


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Resorts Casino Hotel

Resorts Casino Hotel Atlantic City NJ USA

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