CERTIUM® Webinar: Breakthrough maintenance: efficient operation and ease of use


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Great customer experience throughout the entire system lifecycle is the driver for Rohde & Schwarz development and service teams. Rohde & Schwarz pays great attention to make the use of products as smooth and easy as possible.

In this webinar you will learn more about the Rohde & Schwarz innovative concepts for CERTIUM® products. In particular the focus will be on R&S®S5200, the first completely maintenance free and easy to operate ATC radio on the market. You will see a demonstration of brand new concepts, such as radio self-calibration, web based maintenance and fast and error free radio onsite exchange using an R-ID card. Benefit from the CERTIUM® customer web in GLORIS portal with access to software, manuals and data sheets for all CERTIUM® products.

Finally you will get a sneak overview to the innovative and market unique predictive maintenance system for the Rohde & Schwarz ATC products. And there is no operation without test & measurement systems. Get an update for key CERTIUM® ANALYSIS products, such as the R&S®CMA180 and others.
Who should attend?
The webinar will inform you about future trends of ATC infrastructures in operation. The content and demos will be interesting for ANSP‘s radio and VCS experts, as well as CTOs.

In this webinar you will learn about:
  • Concepts and innovations for Rohde & Schwarz products, in particular the R&S®S5200 ATC radio
  • Web based configuration on an ATC radio, fast radio replacement using an R-ID card and radio testing
  • New CERTIUM® information portal and how to get the most up to date product information, software and quick support
  • New operational concepts using predictive maintenance - New feature update on CERTIUM®ANALYSIS solutions

There are two options to attend Wednesday 19th January 09:00 - 10: 00 CET or
Thursday 20th January 17:00 - 180:00 CET

CERTIUM® Webinar: Breakthrough maintenance: efficient operation and ease of use

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