CERTIUM webinar: How digital transformation is driven by VoIP


Event description

The transformation is happening now for air navigation service providers (ANSP) around the world and they have to strategize and plan for digital technologies.

Migrating to VoIP infrastructure poses many challenges. Service continuity, quality and cybersecurity are essential. Practical issues such as decoupled investment cycles for radio and voice communications systems create situations where new and old technologies mix and complex protocol adaptations are needed.

In this webinar, you will get a complete overview about

•    Typical transformation challenges and how to address them
•    Rohde & Schwarz solutions and how they support VoIP migration
•    Best practice from NATS Second Voice System transition and successful go-live in 2023

 There is two options to attend: 09:00 AM CET or 16:00 PM CET

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