FABEC Environmental Day

Skyguide, Geneva, Switzerland

Event description

Air traffic has globally experienced an unparalleled decline last year. Although recovery might be longer than expected, the traffic will increase again over the coming months and years. In view of this new start, society expects the aviation industry to make a significant contribution to climate protection. 

Air navigation service providers help to ensure that aviation is not only one of the safest modes of transport. ANSPs also allow the industry to reduce its environmental footprint. By creating environmentally friendly approach and departure procedures, efficient flight routes that are as direct as possible irrespective of national borders, FABEC air navigation service providers enable airlines to reduce fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions.  

  • What has been achieved in the recent years and how can we progress further?
  • What are the most promising projects and initiatives? 
  • Are there specific domains in which further improvements can be expected? 
  • Is it enough to offer direct routes or do we need political or regulatory decisions? 
  • Do we have sufficient knowledge about the important emission parameters to reduce the climate damaging emissions of a flight? 
  • Do we need greater cooperation with the various participants in aviation? And if yes, do we need common objectives?
  • What are the risks and limits?

The FABEC Environmental Day is dedicated to discussing and answering these questions.

Join us at the FABEC Environmental Day on 5 July 2021 at Geneva Airport Press Centre.

The meeting is intended to take place as a face-to-face meeting respecting the actual pandemic regulations. For those who are not able to travel a video stream will be made available after registration.

Event location

Skyguide Geneva Switzerland

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