SESAR: A look back on the Digital Sky Challenge

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This webinar will give you another chance to hear from the winners of the Digital Sky Challenge, jointly organised by ACI EUROPE, SESAR Joint Undertaking and Athens International Airport on 2-4 December 2019 in Athens.

During the hackathon, for the first time ever, the entire European aviation industry – airports, airlines, aviation organisations and aviation-related business partners - joined forces to make an extensive dataset available to a group of young passionate coders. The aim? Create new digital solutions for aviation, particularly focused on streamlining the passenger experience, improving the environmental performance of Europe’s airspace and enhancing safety.

The event brought together 52 young tech-talents from 11 European countries competing in 12 teams to create breakthrough prototype solutions to address 3 different challenges: 1. Streamlining the passenger experience, 2. Improving the Environment, 3. Enhancing safety – with the support of several key partners (1). 3 winners were selected:

  • Innov’ATM, winners of the Passenger Experience challenge
  • Eco-Travelers, winners of the Environment challenge
  • JBM, winners of the Safety challenge

Find out more information on the winning projects and the Digital Sky Challenge

By joining this webinar, you will have another chance to hear from these innovative winning projects, understand how they came up with their novel solutions as well as learn what opportunities they have had to further develop their solutions over the last 6 months.

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