SurTech 2009
Royal Aeronautical Society, London, UK

Event description

HELIOS and the Royal Aeronautical Society are pleased to announce that SurTech, the surveillance technologies conference is back for 2009. This will be the 4th SurTech conference, and it promises to be an essential event for the ATM community and its suppliers. Air traffic surveillance is moving at a fast pace. A decade ago primary and secondary radar were the only means of surveillance available. Today there is a range of surveillance techniques in operation supporting new applications that would have been unimaginable back then. Airport surveillance has been revolutionised by the availability of airport multilateration, delivering clear operational benefits. Networks of static ground antennas are being used in wide area multilateration as well as for new multistatic and passive surveillance, bringing performance improvements at potentially lower through-life costs. Initial use of ADS-B is allowing aircraft to maintain spacing from each other in some controlled operational environments. At the same time, the regulatory environment is changing and there is a push towards performance-based operations. New European and US regulations are being developed for surveillance systems and new surveillance techniques face challenges in gaining operational approval. An increasing reliance on GNSS in surveillance systems has to be addressed, and new planning and analysis tools are required to support the system lifecycle. Why attend? SurTech 2009 will give you key information on the pre-eminent issues in surveillance from those people and organisations at the centre of developments, covering surface and airborne surveillance. In particular, strategy developments, user experience and technical innovations will be presented. The real issues and benefits of the new systems and global applications will be described by those who have the practical experience. So you get the information you need to make decisions. Who should attend? ---------------------- SurTech 2009 is aimed at air traffic professionals concerned with new surveillance developments. It will be an essential event for engineers, managers and operational staff in ANSPs, airports and industry. Delegates will be briefed on the latest developments and hear about many practical issues facing current deployments. Sponsorship packages are still available. Contact for further information.

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Royal Aeronautical Society No.4 Hamilton Place W1J 7BQ London UK eu

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Helios and the Royal Aeronautical Society 4 Hamilton Place W1J 7BQ London UK eu

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