The Single European Sky and SESAR Explained
Royal Air Force Club, London, UK

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Everyone has heard of the Single European Sky (SES) and SESAR; but how many people really understand what they are about? And yet these two initiatives are driving some of the biggest changes facing aviation today. This one-day training briefing is delivered by genuine experts who have been on the 'inside' track of developments in both the SES and SESAR, and who are ideally placed to explain: Why the SES is happening? What is the legal basis? How well is SES working? What will be in the 2nd Package? And for SESAR: What is it and who does it involve? Will it deliver and what will it cost? How does it compare to NextGen? How will theory be turned in to practice? If you want the real story of the SES and SESAR, in plain English, with a focus on practical implications and how stakeholders can influence the process, from highly knowledgeable and independent sources, explore it with us on Tuesday 7th October 2008.

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Royal Air Force Club London UK eu

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