Voice over IP technology and its application to ATS ground voice networks

RAF Club, London, UK

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Day 1 of this two day course will look at what VoIP is and how it differs from traditional voice connections. Though the adoption of VoIP for aeronautical communications is a relatively new idea, the telecommunications industry has embraced the principles for many years, indeed many telecommunications operators are moving towards a wholly IP based infrastructure. In general, end users will see little real difference of this change to IP, however for some users the adoption of IP will introduce significant changes. Aeronautical communications can be affected by this change-over and the course explores the activities taking place in the wider arena and the implications for end-users. Day 2 follows on with an in depth assessment of all technical aspects relating to Ground Telephone, Ground Radio Stations, Voice Recorders and in the field issues relating to VoIP technology. What you will learn * IP and VoIP in the wide international context * The benefits and challenges of VoIP infrastructure * Ongoing ETSI and SESAR JU defined validation activities. * Work performed by EUROCAE Working Group 67 * ATM-VoIP network architecture * Test and validation activities * Added benefits VoIP technology brings to Telephone, Radio and Voice Recording functionality with a private IP network * Radio/Telephone/Recorder Functional requirements and solutions * Interworking with legacy systems * Network Aspects and Performance Objectives * Gain a deeper understanding of VoIP within the context of ATS and of EUROCAE requirements * Find out about solutions relating to the next generation of Voice Communication Systems, Radios and Recorders * Operation within a European wide IP network

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