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Soblahovska 2050

911 01


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Soblahovska 2050

Trencin , 911 01



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Company information

ALES was established in Czechoslovakia in 1992 by former Air Force radar professionals involved in research programmes focused on radar data processing systems beginning in the mid-1980s. Benefiting from their previous activities and experience in the ATC upgrade/integration programmes of the Czech and Slovak MoD while building on the solid tradition of Czechoslovak industry and radar production in particular, the company quickly established itself as the first supplier of advanced computer-aided ATC systems in the newly emerging Central/Eastern European region.

Following the break-up of Czechoslovakiain 1993, ALES continued doing business in both successor countries, the Czech Republicand the Slovak Republic, by establishing two separate ALES corporations. The two entities however work closely together to provide their customers with the most advantageous innovations and latest technologies. In 2008, ALES became a member of the ICZ group, the largest software provider in the Czech Republic.

Company information

Headquarters location Soblahovska 2050
911 01 Trencin
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  • ATC Tower Design/Construction
  • ATM systems
  • Consoles / Furniture
  • Data Networks
  • Datalink Applications
  • Display Systems
  • Flight Data Systems
  • IT Solutions
  • Mobile ATC Towers
  • Radar Test Equipment
  • Radars / Surveillance Systems
  • Record and Replay
  • Remote Maintenance Monitoring
  • Simulators
  • Software
  • Training