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Modecenterstraße 17

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Voxtronic Technology produces safety relevant tele-communication solutions for enterprises with a critical infrastructure under application of most modern technologies in the area of a public safety, public traffic, financial services, energy supply and industry.

Voxtronic technology offers:

  • solutions for the supervision, analysis, processing and note of communication activities
  • safety critical Dispatching applications
  • gateway for special applications
  • safeguard warning and notification solutions
  • exposure to sonic waves and meeting systems

Our products and solutions increase the safety of critical information, reduce the complexity of the working sequences, improve the quality of the business and enlarge the ranges of application.

Voxtronic Technology extensive experience has in the field of real time applications with large amounts of data, professional interface design as well as Embedded systems and disposes of certifications (ISO) with regard to quality, safety and standards of the environment. 

Company information

Headquarters location Modecenterstraße 17
1110 Wien
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  • Airport Communications
  • Communication Systems
  • IT Solutions
  • Mobile ATC Towers
  • Organisation
  • Record and Replay
  • Remote Maintenance Monitoring
  • Remote Towers
  • Software
  • Telephonic Systems
  • Training
  • Voice applications