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Ilica 412A



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Ilica 412A

Zagreb , 10000



Tel +385 95 120 8800

Fax +385 1 3777 535

Company information

Vibe Solution is a company from Croatia, specialized in providing HRMS (human resources management system) tailored for ANSPs. 

Our software VIBE is a cloud-based solution which contains three modules and few submodules. 

Our solution is fully operational inside Croatia Control LTD (Croatian ANSP) since 2015 and has 0 hours downtime. 

Modules of VIBE: ROSTER - for advanced shift planning, INFOBOARD - briefing module and base module of VIBE and COMPETENCY for the advanced track of ATCO competencies and authorizations; with implemented CBT (Computer Based Training). 

If you want to find out more about our solution, please don't hesitate to send e-mail on:


Company information

Headquarters location Ilica 412A
10000 Zagreb
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Marko Emer

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39 employees


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  • Workforce Management