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GAMIC is a leading company in the meteorological radar market since 1988. GAMIC is shipping Weather Radar Signal Processors in great numbers worldwide. ENIGMA IV-DPOL represents the de-facto-standard in processing on the market.
Since 2012 GAMIC sells the cost-efficient X-Band Radar system GMWR-25 Doppler radar for stationary, transportable and mobile applications.
ATC Radar ASR Doppler Weather Extractors are deployed to German, Swiss and Canadian Air Force sites in cooperation with ATC ASR radar manufacturers.
The GAMIC software suite FROG-MURAN, Version 4, now has more than 50 weather processing algorithms, including Hydrometeor classification, DPOL rainfall attenuation correction, detection, NOWCASTING and real-time warnings. Specific weather phenomena detection algorithms like MICROBURST, GUST FRONT and Severe Storm are available. GAMIC Hardware and Software products are well suited for large nationwide weather radar networks.

The GMWR is equipped with state-of-the art DOPPLER technology for magnetron radar systems:
• Stable proven ship radar transceiver design, used in large quantity all over the world.
• Magnetron transmitter.
• Solid state modulator and power supplies.
• Integrated low noise receiver front-end.
• Digital signal processor receiver.
• Two axis heavy duty pedestal (EL over AZ).
• GAMIC’s standard weather radar software suite - FROG-MURAN, with optionally up to 50 weather algorithms and products.


X-band Doppler weather radar for real-time airport surveillance

The GMWR-25-WS is a cost-effective X-band Doppler weather radar for reliable surveillance of critical weather around airports and other important infrastructures. It is designed for operation ranges up to 32 NM (60 km) and has very high update rates of less than 12 seconds per 360° scan. One major benefit is its seamless integration into ATC infrastructure.

Standard and ATC data output

All GAMIC radars provide data in standard weather radar data formats. For optimal compatibility with air traffic controller (ATC) consoles and sharing data with other air traffic control agencies, the GMWR-25-WS additionally provides output formats ASTERIX CAT008 and CAT009.



C- and S-band weather radar systems


We already have installed many C- and S-band radar systems worldwide by combining our advanced signal processing subsystem with antenna and transceiver from our radar technology partners.


Company information

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