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428/236 Blue Lagoon Kanchanaphisek Road Dokmai Prawet



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Tel +66 (0)81 116 9386

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AeroMoto LLC was founded on the simple principal to provide superior services in the aviation market. After years of working for major US defense contractors and various governmental and quasi-governmental organizations, it became apparent that providing customer-oriented solutions was not always a high priority. Corporations that are driven by the bottom line and have quarterly obligations to shareholders have other priorities than customer satisfaction once the contract has been signed. AeroMoto LLC fills that gap by either working directly for the customer - on their behalf - to ensure suppliers deliver according to contract terms or working as a trusted partner to supply a specific service or solution. We specialize in projects of all sizes. If you need assistance for a particular specialty, need to augment your existing staff with additional capabilities or want to bring in someone to manage your project using proven management and technical skills then we can help.

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Headquarters location 428/236 Blue Lagoon Kanchanaphisek Road Dokmai Prawet
10240 Bangkok
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