Atech Negócios em Tecnologias S.A.

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313, Rocio St.

Sao Paulo 04552-000

Sao Paulo

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313, Rocio St.

Sao Paulo , Sao Paulo 04552-000



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Atech Negócios em Tecnologias S.A. started its operation on December 14, 2009, as result of partial division of the Atech Foundation. Inherits the technical knowledge base (human resources and intangible assets) from Atech Foundation. Atech is a company capable of assisting government and private institutions to solve problems related to critical and complex technologies, such as, Air Traffic Management where fails can not happen and requires prompt response.

Among others, the company expertises are:

Design, specification, development, installation, deployment, testing and maintenance systems;
Development of strategic command, control and intelligence systems for automating, managing and decision making supporting;
Software development;
Product development;
Technical and logistical support, including machinery and equipment rental and services;
Consulting services;
Training services.

The Atech professionals have experience in the absorption technologies, particularly regarding to the air traffic control and air defense systems. Its key characteristic is the expertise in systems integration and development of critical and strategic projects and programs of private institutions and government.

This history allows the company to put its experience in critical technologies with dual use - civilian and military - in service to the government and private companies

Company information

Headquarters location 313, Rocio St.
Sao Paulo 04552-000
Sao Paulo
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  • AIM
  • AMHS systems
  • ATM systems
  • Consoles / Furniture
  • Consulting
  • Display Systems
  • Engineering Services
  • Flight Data Systems
  • IT Solutions
  • Mobile ATC Towers
  • Research and Development
  • Simulators
  • Software
  • Training