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Our mission is to optimize our clients efficiency through sustainable solutions that combine cutting-edge technology with a human-friendly approach. Early on, we foresaw the environmental and capacity problems the industry would be facing as well as predicted the support systems needed for commercial airlines to deal with this expansion. Over the past 10 years we have developed, tested, presented and proved our findings throughout the world. The feedback from the aviation industry has been overwhelmingly positive. The entire airline industry is faced with enormous challenges. All indicators point to a yearly increase of 4-6% in goods and passenger traffic over the next 20 years. With more congested air traffic, some main issues of deep concern will arise. Flight safety will become more difficult, the impact of the airline industry on both global and local environments will most likely increase, and the capacity of present day airports cannot meet demands if we continue using them as we do today. It has never before been more important to find the right balance between expectations of growth and consideration for mankind, with respect to air traffic effects on both the global and local environments. This need for development demands the kind of products, perspective, know-how and innovation that AVTECH stands for.

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