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2551 Riva Rd Building

MD 21401


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2551 Riva Rd Building

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Collins Aerospace is a leader in technologically advanced and intelligent solutions for the global aerospace and defense industry. We are engaged in designing, manufacturing, and servicing systems and components for commercial aviation, business aviation, military and defense, helicopters, space, airports, and other industries.  Our capabilities span from autonomous operations, cabin experience, connected battlespace, connected ecosystem, structural technologies, digital & technology acceleration, electrified aircraft, sustainability, and more. 

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Headquarters location 2551 Riva Rd Building
MD 21401 Annapolis
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As a global leader in systems engineering platforms and digital communications, Collins Aerospace is leveraging its connected ecosystem of integrated aviation solutions to help safely, efficiently, and sustainably improve global airspace utilization.

Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP) solutions: Flight support technologies and global networks to improve predictive air traffic management modeling, automate real-time enroute vectoring and reduce airspace utilization inefficiencies.

UAS Traffic Management (UTM): Through the harmonization of existing capabilities with new innovations, Collins is accelerating research and development for a safe, affordable and platform-agnostic approach to UAS Traffic Management (UTM).

Aviation-dedicated global network system: A digital systems engineering platform designed to help the aviation community solve its most complicated problems.

Real-time airspace surveillance, aircraft tracking and insights: Live aircraft tracking, airspace monitoring, and data-driven insights enables predictive technologies, analytics, and decision-making tools for enterprise grade solutions.

Operator flight support services: Keeping flights safe and fleets in motion with flight planning and operations scheduling services.

Integrated communication and data services: Intelligently integrated aviation-dedicated global communications and data services.

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