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K Letisti 6/1019

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CS SOFT came into being as the first Czechoslovak private company oriented to development and manufacturing the software for Air Traffic Control systems. CS SOFT was founded 1988 and has passed through times of small software house until today company with well developed project and business management, where high standard of programming methods result in safe and reliable ATM products.

The company is explicitly bearing to the aviation - in particular to Air Traffic Control systems. CS SOFT is developing and manufacturing Flight plan and flight data processing systems, which process all data necessary for air traffic surveillance, trajectory computation, trajectory conflict assessment, coordination partner's determination, coordination messages computation, traffic handovers etc.

CS SOFT is oriented as well to Control and Monitoring systems development and manufacturing that serve as technical devices for technical surveillance of ATM and other systems which support ATS ex. nav and com systems, power supply etc. The company pays attention to SW testing tools used during ATM systems development phase and before system operation. In spite of CS SOFT orientation to non radar data processing the company is manufacturing radar browsers which provide access to radar data to everybody who is authorized to monitor air traffic and hereby number of activities related to check-in, handling and other processes that correspond to Airport Authority daily life is facilitated. Principal tools that help CS SOFT to reach and maintain high level of ATM systems availability and reliability is strict adherence to rules of ISO 9001:2000 and DoD standards. Successful realization of CS SOFT contracts comes from well elaborated methodic of Project Management that are strictly adhered.

Company information

Headquarters location K Letisti 6/1019
160 08 Prague 6
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  • ATM systems
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  • Datalink Applications
  • Environmental
  • Flight Data Systems
  • Radars / Surveillance Systems
  • Remote Maintenance Monitoring
  • Simulators
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