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Jalan Kyai Gede Utama 12

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Jalan Kyai Gede Utama 12

Bandung , West Java 40132



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With 15 years of key personnels experiences, Divusi believes in committing to our Clients satisfaction. Two of our key solutions are: aligning IT with our Clients business, and empowering our Clients to be able to maintain their systems independently.Rather than just being a credible IT Solution Provider, Divusi chooses to be Your IT Satisfaction Provider. PT LAPI Divusi is an IT consulting company under Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB BHMN). Even though Divusi was officially founded at March 1st, 2004, our key personnels have already been involved in IT projects and consulting since the 1980s. Our Clients and Partners come from various backgrounds. Even from back then, weve always been committed to apply IT benefits for our Clients satisfaction.

Company information

Headquarters location Jalan Kyai Gede Utama 12
West Java 40132
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  • ATM systems
  • Consulting
  • Display Systems
  • Flight Data Systems
  • IT Solutions
  • Radars / Surveillance Systems
  • Record and Replay
  • Research and Development
  • Software