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Edda Systems AS
is a company specialized in ATC systems, and tele- and data communication. Our main product is eCoach which is an innovative and highly flexible Air Traffic Control simulator.

Edda Systems AS has long experience with ATC systems development including testing and commissioning. Our solutions are based on operational experience joined with leading new technology.

eCoach Custom
The Custom edition of eCoach is an ATC simulator which feeds simulated radar- and AFTN data into another ATC system. In this edition, eCoach contains a server, a Designer to create and modify exercises, and Pilots to control simulated flights and exercises. 

The server sends radar- and AFTN data to the ATC system where students are doing their training. eCoach supports ICAO format flight plan data and the Asterix protocol for radar data. However, eCoach can be customized to handle other interfaces.

eCoach Enterprise
The Enterprise edition is a complete stand-alone simulator containing eCoach Server, Designer, Pilot(s) and Controller Working Position(s). In addition to the simulator, the eCoach Server contains radar- and flight plan processing. Both pilots and controller positions are using stripless HMI.

eCoach TDG
The Test Data Generator (TDG) edition of eCoach is a valuable tool for system testing and evaluation. The simulator generates simulated radar- and AFTN data to an external system. 

Here you can design scenarios to regression test old functions or create manouvres which you would never be allowed to perform using real aircrafts. The TDG edition has built-in Designer and pseudo Pilot functions in addition to "technical flights" which can perform manouvres which exceeds normal behaviour.

eCoach Airspace Planner
The eCoach Airspace Planner combines a whole eCoach simulator into one machine. This powerful tool can be used to create, modify, simulate and evaluate airspace. The same equipment can be used to demonstrate the updates.

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