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Electronics Parkway

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PO Box: 4840

Electronics Parkway

Syracuse , NY 13221

United States


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Diverse technologies and expertise applied in a synergistic way to address business challenges from citizen services to border security to command and control. That's what Lockheed Martin brings to our customers through systems integration. As the number one IT development and integration firm in the U.S., we manage large data and technology infrastructures, integrate complex IT systems, and offer the skill and talent of 12 software maturity Level 5 and Level 4 companies. Our 30,000-plus IT professionals support more than 2,000 government and commercial field locations in the U.S. and abroad, integrating complex, mission-critical systems for civil agencies, armed forces and other customers.

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Headquarters location Electronics Parkway
NY 13221
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  • ATM systems
  • Avionics
  • Communication Systems
  • Consulting
  • Data Networks
  • Datalink Applications
  • Display Systems
  • Flight Data Systems
  • Ground Handling
  • Meteorological Systems
  • Navigation Aids
  • Other
  • Radars / Surveillance Systems
  • Safety Systems / Risk Assessment
  • Satellite Navigation Systems
  • Simulators
  • Software
  • Training
  • Voice applications