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NATS Heathrow House Bath Road

Middlesex TW5 9AT

Cranford Middlesex

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NATS Heathrow House Bath Road

Cranford Middlesex , Middlesex TW5 9AT



Tel +44 (0)20 8750 3600

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NATS leads the aviation industry in business and technological development, offering wide ranging expertise and innovative services to meet the on-going challenges of airports, airlines, governments and ANSPs. Our services are proven in the world’s most complex airspace and provide our customers around the world with a valuable commercial focus.

Backed by the substantial resources of the organisation, we are constantly seeking innovative ways to manage every aspect of air traffic, helping our customers perform and grow with maximum safety and efficiency. As the leading commercial ANSP in Europe, we are able to back up our depth of experience with market leading solutions and have built our reputation on delivering a broad portfolio of first rate, safe and efficient services, tackling some of the most complex projects in the industry in the busiest airspaces in the world.

Company information

Headquarters location NATS Heathrow House Bath Road
Middlesex TW5 9AT
Cranford Middlesex
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  • AIM
  • Air Navigation Service Provider
  • Airfield Operations
  • Airspace Design
  • ATC Tower Design/Construction
  • ATM systems
  • Consulting
  • Data Networks
  • Engineering Services
  • Environmental
  • Flight Data Systems
  • ILS / PLS
  • Navigation Aids
  • Radars / Surveillance Systems
  • Recruitment
  • Regulation (Governmental)
  • Safety Systems / Risk Assessment
  • Satellite Navigation Systems
  • Simulators
  • Training
  • Wide Area Multilateration (WAM)