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10-E Kolomyagskiy PR


St. Petersburg

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Tel +7 812 329 07 47

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Northern Radio Plant, LLC (NRP) was set up in 2002. The enterprise is located in St.Petersburg, Russia. This year 2007 is the third for us when we join Maastricht event as an exhibitor. NRP develops and manufactures different types of radio-electronic equipment such as terminal-area radar URAL, transmitters, receivers, radar signal and data processing systems, and software products. NRP has a great experience in collaboration with differnet partners in many kind of ATC projects such as PSR URAL installation and integration with other systems, development and manufacturing of ATC facilities. We are open to any kind of cooperation in sphere of radar systems and data and signal processing.

Company information

Headquarters location 10-E Kolomyagskiy PR
197348 St. Petersburg
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  • Communication Systems
  • Datalink Applications
  • Flight Data Systems
  • Meteorological Systems
  • Radars / Surveillance Systems
  • Remote Maintenance Monitoring