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The level of innovation necessary to be able to design, build and run a remote tower is truly impressive. And the outcome for the customer is fantastic. Centralisation means increased efficiency and increased productivity, and the technology opens up for new business models and services.

An approved system, already in operation

With the technology in place, though, when you want to go from a test-bench solution to a solution used in regular air traffic, completely new problems emerge. And some of them are hard to anticipate until you have made the switch. One is the amount of time and energy needed to get people to realise that the digital solution is, in fact, better than the traditional tower. Another is the enormous amount of paperwork needed. By now, however, Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions has found efficient ways to solve both.

Help all the way

Building on experience from both Saab and LFV, Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions has developed models and processes for establishing new digital tower solutions. These have proved very successful, and the company now has several approved systems in operation in different parts of the world. Working with everything from initial operational, technical and business case analysis, to implementation, training, and organisation change management, Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions provides the full delivery.

A solution for all airports

Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions delivers digital tower solutions to all kinds of airports. From regional airports with AFIS, through small and medium airports that otherwise might be at risk of being shut down, to large, complex airports, like London City Airport, that can keep expanding efficiently due to digital tower technology. Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions also provides Digital Tower Certification Consultancy Services and Air Navigation Services.

Technology that stands a comparison

The technology in the Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions solution is one of the best available. Together with operational experience, it makes for an outstanding offer. Especially when it comes to the time and certainty in being able to establish a remote tower solution for regular air traffic.

All in all, this is an offer that makes SDATS able to not only deliver top-class technology, but also to be a partner through the entire journey from idea to fully operational tower.

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