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112 Avenue Charles de Gaulle


Neuilly sur Seine

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112 Avenue Charles de Gaulle

Neuilly sur Seine cedex , 92522



Tel +33 1 46 41 10 04

Fax +33 1 46 41 10 32

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SITA is the world's leading specialist in air transport communication and IT solutions. SITA delivers and manages business solutions for airline, airport, GDS, government and other customers over the world's most extensive network which forms the communications backbone of the global air transport industry. Its portfolio includes managed global communications, infrastructure and outsourcing services, as well as services for airline commercial management and passenger operations, flight operations, aircraft operations and air-to-ground communications, airport management and operations, baggage operations, transportation security and border management, cargo operations and more. The company provides best-in-class customer service with integrated local and global support, across its products and services. SITA covers over 200 countries and territories and the head office is in Geneva, Switzerland. SITA had consolidated revenues of over US$1.49 billion (€1.07 billion) in 2009.

Company information

Headquarters location 112 Avenue Charles de Gaulle
92522 Neuilly sur Seine
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  • ADS
  • AMHS systems
  • ATM systems
  • Communication Systems
  • Consulting
  • Data Networks
  • Datalink Applications
  • IT Solutions