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VoiceCollect GmbH develops, manufactures, sells and services professional Voice Recording Systems (VRS) for Air Traffic Control, Airports, Air Navigation Service Providers, Air Defence and other mission critical applications. The company headquarter is in Bad Homburg/Germany. Our Voice Recording Systems are distributed worldwide via Partners and System Integrators.

VoiceCollect GmbH is the successor of ATIS UHER SA and takes over their successful products and services

Our VC-MDx Voice Recording Software offers up to 1024 simultaneous recording channels from a variety of interfaces and is deployed either on COTS hardware or on virtual machines (VM).

Our ATC solutions offer recording and data interfaces for TDM and VoIP (especially ED137) sources and special features like Import Agent, Synchronized Playback with Radar and ATM Systems, and different Export formats.
Recording interfaces are successfully tested with all major VCCS and Radar manufacturers.

Evaluation and playback of recordings are available via LAN based on Client or WEB applications. Based on the field of application, different solutions are available, e.g. for the fast and uncomplicated playback of the last communication of a specific console or frequency or the detailed evaluation of a specific scenario. The playback operator is supported by especially developed tools like Impound Agent, Playback-AGC, Quick Search, Filter routines and legal copy.
The graphical user interface of the VC-MDx software is optimized for easy operation and user support.

For smaller and mobile or semi-mobile applications VoiceCollect offers the Solid State Recorders IR 44 CF-II (4 recording channels) and CFR (Up to 32 recording channels).  Those systems are easy-to-use, heavy duty and maintenance free.

In addition VoiceCollect offers an Announcing System, the ASA-4, for A-T-I-S (Air Terminal Information Service) announcements.

Deployment and commissioning, product trainings, after-sales-service and SLA are offered by VoiceCollect and our appointed partners.
VoiceCollect stands as your qualified point of contact for all your recording needs, from the smallest airfield up to complex ACC solutions with geo-redundancy on virtual systems.      

Company information

Headquarters location Justus-von-Liebig-Str. 5
61352 Bad Homburg
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