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Your job at DFS

Smooth air traffic in and over Germany requires professionals who keep track of everything. After all, it is about the safety of people in the sky. Our pilots work on behalf of the Federal Republic of Germany. You sit either in the tower at one of the 15 international airports or in one of the four control centers. There, in direct contact with the pilots, you will ensure that the aircraft take off and land safely and that they always have sufficient distance from each other in the air. Even if the pilot controls the machine - on your instructions via radio, e.g. B. with course and altitude specifications, it matters.

Several thousand safely operated flights every day - for us, this is always a reason for enthusiasm and confirmation that our job is important. We look forward to your application - "Cleared for take-off"!

▌Your tasks

You will start your training in accordance with the European licensing regulation for air traffic controllers at our air traffic control academy in Langen (near Frankfurt am Main). Here you will learn all the basics and in-depth specialist knowledge for your career path to becoming an air traffic controller.

Part 1: Theory and simulation training (“Initial Training”, 12 – 15 months)

✈ Navigation theory & meteorology

✈ Aircraft types & aviation law

✈ Radiotelephony procedures & aviation English

✈ Simulator training from the third month of training

Part 2: Practical training / on-the-job training (“Unit Training”, 12 – 18 months)

With the start of your practical training, you will go to your later workplace in a control center or in a tower. Immediately implement what you have learned under the supervision of your coach in live traffic.

✈ You pilot aircraft and control flight movements in direct contact with the pilots. Your personal coach, a trained air traffic controller, is at your side and gives you valuable advice and feedback

✈ You will gradually expand your skills - with the acquisition of the last controller license you can then work completely independently in your area of responsibility as an air traffic controller

▌ Your perspective after training

We train you to take you on. After completing your training with a full European air traffic controller license, you will be responsible for ensuring air traffic in the sky over Germany. Constant challenge and change are part of it: Your job as an air traffic controller includes regularly demonstrating your skills (through daily briefings, training sessions and checks) and continuing to learn about new work processes and technical systems.

In the course of their career, some of our air traffic controllers develop into supervisors (a kind of shift leader), become coaches for air traffic controller trainees or work in other DFS departments such as flight route planning or European cooperation.

▌Your benefits

✈ Large practical part of the training, the first exercises in the simulator start after just a few months, only 1.5 years after the start of the training there is “training-on-the-job” in live traffic ✈ High social responsibility right from the start, real team

spirit between the trainees and their trainers and colleagues from the field

✈ Very good salary from the first day, all training costs are covered by DFS

✈ A secure perspective for your entire professional life

✈ Company sports and gym, artificial turf football pitch with floodlights, barbecue area, table football - and pool table at the Langen training campus with its own S-Bahn station

✈ Recreation through mandatory breaks during working hours, regular paid spa treatments lasting several weeks and an above-average number of vacation days ✈

Ideal compatibility of work and family thanks to a flexible shift system and childcare at many locations ✈

A company pension scheme, the maximum amount for capital-forming benefits and favorable group tariffs for sick people -, car, accident and nursing care insurance

✈ Assistance in finding accommodation in the Rhine-Main area for the period of the "Initial Training"

You can apply all year round. Ideally, you should apply around 12 months before you want to start your apprenticeship. Our courses start several times a year. We look forward to receiving your application!

That sets you apart

  • You have obtained your general higher education entrance qualification (Abitur) or are about to graduate. Alternatively, you have a bachelor's degree.
  • You are not older than 24 years at the time of application
  • You can communicate confidently and fluently in English
  • Statutory requirements apply throughout Europe for the training, licensing and work of air traffic controllers, which also include comprehensive medical fitness criteria, for example with regard to vision and hearing or chronic diseases (or impairments). The requirements for medical fitness are regulated in the European "Commission Regulation 2015/340". Information on the medical requirements can be found here "Home -> Become an air traffic controller -> Requirement profile"
  • All requirements at a glance, including those for applicants with a foreign school leaving certificate or other nationality, can be found here "Home -> Become an air traffic controller -> Requirements profile"
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* Gender (f/m/d) does not matter, the main thing is that you are enthusiastic about aviation

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