FREQUENTIS Once Again Raises the Bar for Tomorrow’s Aviation: Latest Generation of Industry-Leading VCS3020X Celebrates Its International Debut at World ATM Congress

- Madrid/Vienna

VCS3020X – the fastest system available on the market and the world’s first VCS supporting dynamic sectorisation – provides a cornerstone solution for a more flexible use of airspace. The IP system combines the widest feature range with highest performance at lowest cost of ownership. A cutting-edge context-sensitive layout massively increases operator’s efficiency.

With the next-generation VCS, Frequentis provides safety-critical ATM communication in its most reliable form, for single and networked ACCs, approach and tower. VCS3020X’s high-performance VoIP technology combines the vast experience and superior functional level of the market leader – resulting in unique functions and performance which really matter to the aviation industry. IP technology in the Frequentis systems has not compromised established quality of service and safety levels or the pillars of VCS3020X’s success:

  • Distributed intelligence across the system elements creates remarkable resilience
  • Duplicated and parallel operating Local Area Network (LAN) infrastructure

The next-generation VCS adheres to the ED-153 software assurance level 3 (SWAL-3) down to the architectural layer, providing an end-to-end traceability of system requirements, software requirements and test cases. In this way the excellent and proven VCS3020X quality is a major part of the overall safety case and the ESARR6 fulfilment for the ANSP.

As technology leader in ATM communications, Frequentis has implemented over 500 successful projects in over 80 countries all around the globe. Manifold references and best practice examples show the customers’ confidence in the proven Frequentis ATM portfolio. More than 22,000 VCS3020X controller working positions are in operation day and night. FREQUENTIS

VCS3020X - The world's first VCS Supporting Dynamic Sectorisation

One of the goals of dynVCS3020Xamic airspace use is to create a higher interoperability between ANSPs or various control centres, both from an operational and technical perspective.

VCS3020X - the fastest VCS available on the market - adds to this the capabilities to share workloads, network resources and management responsibilities. To ensure that no airspace is ever left unassigned, the handover of airspace responsibilities is conducted through an acknowledged workflow process, where VCS3020X guarantees a gap-free handover.

Consense layout for improved usability

The unique and superior VCS3020X CONtext-SENSitivE (CONSENSE, patent pending) layout reduces the complexity of the console layout by only showing functions relevant to the current operational state.

This minimises errors and provides the controller with the most intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) available. Usability is massively improved. Tests resulted in 29% efficiency gain – up to 11 minutes of operators head down time could be saved per hour!


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