Airtel ATN announces that it now equips 10,000 aircraft

- Dublin, Ireland.

Airtel ATN, a global leader in aviation communication solutions, has announced that its Airtel’s Airborne Router is now installed in 10,000 aircraft. This is just under 35% of a total worldwide fleet of 28,674 aircraft

Aircraft equipped with Airtel's software can exchange Data Link messages with Air Traffic Control centres. Data Link is replacing voice communication as the primary means between controllers and pilots in oceanic and en-route continental airspace.

In Europe, the first phase of Data Link deployment was the roll-out of CPDLC from 2013 to 2022. The second phase commences in 2027 with the roll out of ADS-C Trajectory-Based Operations.

  • CPDLC is used to send written instructions between pilots and Air Traffic Controllers – like a text message. For example, a controller might send a message such as “CLIMB TO LEVEL 120” to which a pilot would respond with “WILCO” (yes) or “UNABLE” (no). CPDLC reduces controller workload and improves the clarity of instructions to the pilot. 
  • ADS-C is used to automatically send aircraft information such as aircraft position and aircraft calculated trajectory to the ground system. It is an essential component of 4D Trajectory Management or Trajectory Base Operations (TBO). TBO will reduce fuel consumption and noise while also improving flight arrival time predictability.

“Airtel now has 10,000 commercial aircraft equipped with our Airborne ATN Router (AAR)," said Santi Ibarz, CEO, Airtel ATN. "It's a real testament to the continued commitment and support from our OEM community. Our dedication to shaping the future of aviation communications remains unwavering as our AAR technology excellence evolves to meet Data Link requirements globally.”

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