AviBit to provide its A-SMGCS to DFS for Nuremberg Airport

DFS - Deutsche Flugsicherung (German Air Traffic Services) has awarded a contract to AviBit to provide its A-SMGCS system for Nuremberg Airport. The AviBit delivery will include one SMR, tracking, data-fusion, HMI, recording & replay, safety logic, and monitoring and control.
After selecting AviBit for Hamburg Airport, Nuremberg is now the second A-SMGCS by AviBit which is provided to DFS. The following AviBit components will be part of the delivery: Data Fusion and Tracker: The AviBit Data Fusion and Tracker can handle target reports from multiple sensors like SMR, MLAT, ADS-B, ASR and other sensors and generates accurate unique aircraft positions by considering the actual characteristics of the various sensors. The included correlator correlates aircraft tracks and respective flight plans. HMI: The AviBit HMI to display any A-SMGCS data to the controller. It has been developed in a very close cooperation with Air Traffic Controllers and thus fulfils all operational needs. Recording and Replay: The AviBit Recording and Replay System records all relevant data and replays it to the user on a CWP or on any Windows based System. Safety Logic: The AviBit Safety Logic checks the actual traffic situation for numerous critical situations and provides visual and audible alerts to the controllers. Apart from the SMR which is part of the AviBit delivery, the system will use ADS-B information to locate transponder-equipped vehicles. ADS-B data will be fused with SMR information and displayed to the controller.
ASTOS - the AviBit A-SMGCS COTS product - is the heart of the delivery to DFS. In a tender procedure DFS selected the AviBit product to be the most suitable solution for Nuremberg Airport. The system will include all A-SMGCS level 2 functionality. Nuremberg Airport is the international airport of the Franconian metropolitan area of Nuremberg and the second-busiest airport in Bavaria. The airport is ranked 10th among German airports and 67th in Europe. It is also a hub for Air Berlin - Germany's second largest airline. The Airport handles more than 4.2 million passengers per year. For more information visit www.avibit.com
AviBit is an Austrian based company focused on the design, development and integration of intelligent software solutions for Apron, Tower and Approach Control. Key products are A-SMGCS, Electronic Flight Strips and Arrival Management.


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