Better safe than sorry the FREQUENTIS Voice and Data

- Austria, Vienna.
Frequentis presented the latest release of its DIVOS 3 log at ATC Global 2008. Even more functionality, a unique alarm management and monitoring system, and an optimized user interface are the main release highlights. Frequentis and its partner - SkySoft-ATM - will demonstrate the synchronized playback of voice and radar data at ATC Global 2008.

Following last years focus on further development, the next generation of voice and data recording system is now ready in the form of DIVOS 3 log. The latest release has more (and improved) features, each adapted to the unique needs of air traffic management. The combined audio and radar logging solution is available in co-operation with SkySoft-ATM and Thales ATM via EUROCAT.

Global client base Around 250 recording systems are already in place in ATM facilities (both civil and military) and police, fire and ambulance control centres. With its duplicate configuration, the largest individual system is recording data across 1000 channels. DIVOS 3 log has a well-established presence in European markets, including France, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands and the UK. But its popularity extends throughout the world, with customers in the Philippines, Taiwan, Brazil and Mexico, to name just a few.

In 2007, for example, Frequentis gained further successes for DIVOS 3 log in South America. These included a contract to equip ten airports for Peruvian air traffic control and an order for the Chilean area control centre in Santiago de Chile. Those seeking a top reference in Europe need look no further than Charles de Gaulle airport. Aéroports de Paris have been working with a Frequentis voice and data recording system since 2007. Their DIVOS 3 log makes synchronized recordings of both radar communications (10 recording channels) and radio/telephone communications (495 channels). Frequentis provided the solution in partnership with the Swiss company SkySoft-ATM.

Technical perfection - the highlights DIVOS 3 log masters tough challenges on a daily basis Absolute reliability is a must for the DIVOS 3 log, given the robust challenges it faces on a day-to-day basis. Larger applications record several hundred thousand datasets of communication traffic each day. The recording system, like the voice communication system, is built in duplicate: so its absolutely failsafe.

Emergency alarm system In the event of technical problems, a unique alarm management and monitoring system immediately raises an alert. An appropriate message is sent to the duty engineer via email, SNMP and through the InfoCenter. This InfoCenter is a web-based monitoring application with an integrated online help facility. It allows the user to examine the current status of the recording system, with the option to review the status of third-party components as well. System parts can be added and removed as required while the system remains operational (hot plug feature).

User-friendly Frequentis places a great deal of emphasis on the design and layout of the user interface: usability is an important factor in the success of the hi-tech company. This focus has many benefits for controllers, who are often required to work in high-stress situations. DIVOS 3 log gives the user a clear overview of all relevant information on a single monitor. The system is easy to use, with an intuitive interface.

Further product developments This year focus on large system deployments. The new version will autosynchronize with the Frequentis VCS3020X, and let users listen in on live recordings. Further releases will add even more tools and features (such as screen recording), all designed to improve the speed and depth of investigative tasks.


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