CAA publishes its general comments on EASA's proposals for pilot licensing rules

As the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) announces revised deadlines for responses to three major consultations on detailed aviation safety standards, the Civil Aviation Authority has published its general comments on the consultation on pilot licensing and medical certification, which closed on 28 February 2009.
The consultations follow the extension of the European Aviation Safety Agencys (EASA) remit to aircraft operations and personnel licensing. EASA is setting Implementing Rules to update standards across Europe. The Rules must be in place by no later than 8 April 2012 and, in order to meet this timetable, EASA has already started consulting on draft Rules. The CAA sent EASA over 500 detailed comments, part of nearly 11,000 responses the Agency received to the consultation. The CAA introduced these detailed comments with some general comments highlighting the main proposals it supports and others where it considers it important that changes are made before the rules are finalised. The subjects the CAA response covers include the proposals for the Leisure Pilot Licence and those permitting Private Pilot Licence holders to be paid for giving flight instruction (which the CAA supports); training and qualification standards for instructors and examiners; and the training for instructors for very light jets and high performance single-pilot aircraft (where the CAA is seeking changes). A number of comments are made on the medical certification proposals. In addition, the need is stressed for comprehensive transitional arrangements to allow industry to adjust to the new rules. CAAs introductory general comments can be viewed at The three other EASA consultations now open for comment are on Authority and Organisation Requirements; Air Operations; and the Operational Suitability Certificate and Safety Directives. The Agency has extended the comment response periods for all three to allow respondents more time to become familiar with the proposals and the NPA procedures. EASA says it will continue fully to inform industry of the proposals in dedicated workshops and online information. To find out more about EASAs consultations and workshops see Commenting on the latest developments, Captain David Chapman, CAA Group Director Safety Regulation said: It is clear that EASA is listening to industry and recognises how vital it is to create the high quality set of standards for aviation safety. It is important that UK industry responds positively to this extended opportunity to comment and this should not mean just the large airlines. Everyone operating aircraft in the UK whether for commercial, aerial work, corporate, business flying or private use will be affected by these new rules. The CAA has submitted its thoughts on the first consultation and is confident that many others in the UK have made their own detailed contributions. The effort we are all putting in now in industry, national authorities and the Agency is vital for the sound regulation of aviation safety in Europe in the coming years. For more information please contact Nic Stevenson on 020 7453 6024
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