Consulting services for Russia: DFS to develop operational concept for Novosibirsk Tolmachevo Airport

- Langen, Germany

In December last year, the Siberian airport operator JSC Airport Tolmachevo and the western Siberian branch of the Russian air navigation services authority State ATM Corporation, secured the services of the German air navigation service provider DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung to develop an operational concept for simultaneous operations of the two runways at Novosibirsk Tolmachevo Airport. As part of this, DFS will also develop satellite-based approach and departure procedures. Simultaneous use of the runways is planned to start in one year.

Russian air traffic control at Novosibirsk Tolmachevo Airport currently uses approach and departure routes which are based on the position of radio navigational aids on the ground. Over the course of the project, DFS will develop new procedures and also plan new flexible satellite-based routes independent of ground-based radio navigational aids. As part of this new operational concept, DFS will also examine air traffic control work processes as well as the airport infrastructure including such things as the number of taxiways and parking positions.

"We are looking forward to working on this new project, especially to planning the new procedures. DFS is one of the first air navigation service providers in Europe to have developed approach and departure procedures which are solely based on satellite navigation. With our experience, we are in an optimal position to support JSC Airport Tolmachevo and the Russian air navigation services authority," explained Mr Carsten Wiltschko, the DFS project manager.

"Using the two runways simultaneously will increase efficiency. And by introducing satellite-based approach and departure routes, we can provide air traffic controllers and pilots with a wider range of potential courses of action, thus achieving more exact and efficient routings. We are very pleased to have found an experienced partner for our project," added Mr Eugeny Y. Yankilevich, Director General of JSC Airport Tolmachevo.


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