DSNA, ENAV, skyguide and MATS launch the “Coflight as a service” programme

- Madrid, Spain

Based on a long technical partnership in the development of the next generation flight data processing system Coflight, DSNA, ENAV and skyguide together with MATS decided to launch a new initiative to address the Coflight Services capability.

Partners are pleased to announce the launch of the “Coflight as a service” programme.

This initiative, granting high level of service through the availability of a reliable high-performance solution, will bring great value to ANSPs reducing the cost of their infrastructure. Skyguide plans to be the first Premium User of these standardised services to run its Virtual Centre.

Coflight as a Service:
The aim of this initiative is to study the feasibility of a data processing service capability based on Coflight.

In the first phase of the programme, the partners will define the service capabilityIn the second phase, they will conduct the study and develop a demonstratorThe third phase will be dedicated to feasibility trials.

Coflight represents a proper breakthrough at both operational and technical levels. It provides very advanced functions like gate-to-gate flight data processing, interoperability functions with other technical systems for the exchange of flight plan data or data link capabilities. These features will allow implementing the new SESAR operational concepts (e.g. free route, flexible use of airspace, point merge, 4D flight paths). With Coflight, it will become easier to manage direct, optimised routes, thus reducing flight time and fuel consumption. ANSPs using Coflight or Coflight as a service will be in a position to offer the best performance to airspace users.


About DSNA
DSNA (Direction des Services de la Navigation Aérienne), the French Air Navigation Service Provider, is responsible for air traffic arriving in and departing from French airports and French national airspace. Its main priorities are flight security, minimising impact on the environment and flight regularity, with its service provided at reasonable cost. With 2.8 million flights handled in 2012, France is still Europe’s leading provider of air navigation services. DSNA’s 7,700 highly qualified employees, including 4,000 air traffic control engineers demonstrate their ability to adapt to an ever-changing environment and committed to providing top-quality air navigation services day after day.

About ENAV
ENAV, the Italian Air Navigation Service Provider, provides control and support to allow approaches, departures and landings from the control towers in 40 airports ENAV logospread over the national territory, and en route services from the four Area Control Centers. ENAV manages more than 1,6 million flights per year, with peaks that can reach 6,000 flights per day. The ENAV Group consists of Techno Sky, responsible for the operational management, the support, the maintenance and the hardware/software development of entire range of systems and equipment used to provide flight assistance services, and Consortium SICTA that creates research projects for systems relative to air traffic services. ENAV in 2013 established a new company in Kuala Lumpur, ENAV Asia Pacific, with the aim to enhance the performances of clients based in the whole Asia Pacific region through the provision of our high quality services. ENAV Group can count on about 4,000 employees. ENAV is a component of the European ATM (Air Traffic Management) system and it participates with full rights in all the activities of development, operational validation, research and coordination with systems that are perfectly integrated with the international technological context.

About Skyguide
Skyguide is responsible for providing air navigation services in Switzerland and in certain parts of neighbouring countries. With its Skyguide logo1,400 employees active at 14 locations in Switzerland, skyguide safely and efficiently guides over 3,100 civil and military aircraft a day – or 1.1 million a year – through the busiest and most complex airspace in Europe. Skyguide stands for continuous improvement, focussed innovation and creative cooperation. Skyguide is a non-profit limited company which has its head office in Geneva. The majority of its shares are held by the Swiss Confederation.

About MATS
Malta Air Traffic Services Ltd (MATS) is the Air Navigation Service Provider for Malta. It was set up as a State-owned company in 2002. Malta Government Investments Ltd is the sole shareholder of MATS. MATS provides air navigation services from the Air Traffic Control Centre located at the Malta International Airport where it operates three control units. MATS has 143 employees.

The total number of aircraft operating within the airspace under the responsibility of MATS in 2013 exceeded 108,000 flights. The mission of MATS is to control and facilitate the safe movement of aircraft in an efficient and cost effective manner, through the provision of air navigation services in accordance with international civil aviation standards. MATS is an active member of the Single European Sky Blue Med FAB. The Company strives to improve its performance by investing in its human resource and equipment.

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