EADS Defence & Security radars protect Royal Navy vessels

EADS Defence & Security provides several ships of the Royal Navy with advanced identification systems in order to enhance flight safety and situation awareness.
  • Sophisticated identification systems avoid accidental attacks on friendly forces and support new Air Traffic Control requirements
  • New equipment increases situational awareness for allied forces and improves security for airborne and naval forces
  • 250 systems under contract worldwide
Defence Electronics (DE), an integrated activity of DS, has been awarded the Maritime Mode S Interrogator Capability (MSMIC) contract by the UK MoD to deliver its MSSR (Monopulse Secondary Surveillance Radar) 2000 I identification systems for the installation by 2011 onboard vessels such as the Type 42 destroyers, the "Invincible" class aircraft carriers and the future assault ships. The system is the first secondary radar of its type worldwide. It is capable of both military and civil Air Traffic Control interrogations, thus supporting new requirements of the Civil Aviation Authority. EADS Defence & Security will provide local support and project management through its Test & Services division based in Ferndown. "Providing latest technology IFF systems like MSSR 2000 I increases situational awareness for allied forces" explained Bernd Wenzler, CEO of Defence Electronics, and therefore increases mission success and security for airborne and naval forces. IFF systems, so-called secondary surveillance radars (SSR), precisely collect data such as origin, course, speed etc. of individual aircraft by automatically sending interrogation signals which are answered by so-called transponders on-board friendly aircraft. Thus, the IFF systems ensure reliable identification of incoming aircraft, thus substantially reducing the risk of accidental attacks on friendly forces. This data exchange in the military field is based upon encrypted signals which cannot be analyzed or jammed by hostile forces. Secondary radars are also used in civil Air Traffic Control (ATC). In a civil ATC mission, MSSR 2000 I sends out interrogation signals to all the aircraft and collects the responses. Thus, the radar provides a real-time overview of aircraft positions and additional aircraft data which results in a significant improvement in air traffic control and in the efficient use of air space. Defence Electronics has delivered IFF systems to several NATO nations for ground and naval applications. For example, the MSSR 2000 I interrogator protects the German Navy K130 corvettes and F122/123 frigates as well as the French Navy "Mistral" assault ship and the Australian amphibious ships. In total, DS has approx. 250 systems in 29 nations under contract.
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