EIZO Releases 2K x 2K Monitor with Versatile Design and eBlue LED Backlight Technology for ATC Environments

Eizo Technologies GmbH (EIZO) announced the release of the Raptor SQ2804, a newly designed 2K x 2K monitor for air traffic control. The Raptor SQ2804 incorporates EIZOs eBlue LED backlight technology which provides low energy consumption, long lifetime, and outstanding image quality.
The Raptor SQ2804 comes with all the features and functionality of its predecessor but now has a new lighter and more compact design. Addressing the trend towards open controller positions, EIZO has reduced the monitor weight, bringing the weight closer to the point of contact, minimizing stress on mounting arms. The desktop version now includes an ergonomic stand with tilt and swivel capability.

The EIZO eBlue LED backlight consumes merely 60 watts at a typical brightness of 70 cd/m2used in many ATC control centers. In standby mode, EIZO has further lowered the power consumption from what was already an industry leading 20 watts to a mere 5 watts.

The EIZO eBlue LED backlight has a lifetime of more than 100,000 hours. Backlight replacement has been made simple and quick with the SQ2804 as it can be completed in just 5 minutes. The EIZO eBlue LED also provides superior brightness uniformity across the screen and less color shift. This ensures more consistent brightness distribution and color reproduction which is typically difficult to achieve with large-screen monitors.

An integrated automatic backlight stabilizer allows the controller to set the backlight brightness and ensure it remains constant through the life of the backlight trays. The EIZO eBlue LED backlight trays are backwards compatible with the CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lamps) backlight trays used in a previous EIZO 2K x 2K monitor.

The Raptor SQ2804 is equipped with dual DVI-I (dual link) connectors. Single or dual BNC x 5 connectors are optional should the monitor be required as a drop-in replacement for the Sony DDM CRT. The monitor is customizable should a customer have special requirements such as a fan-less solution, second power supply, screen in matte finish, etc.

The Raptor SQ2804 supports resolutions from 640 x 480 up to its native 2048 x 2048. Any non-native resolution can be displayed in its actual size, scaled proportionately, or expanded to fill the screen. This is helpful when receiving other non-native resolutions as is typically necessary for a system boot-up. It also means an auxiliary monitor is not necessary to view boot data or failure data.


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