Thanks to the airports, ENAIRE receives its best score ever in the study of perceived quality

- Madrid, Spain.
ENAIRE air traffic controller at Tenerife North Airport
  • The latest airport survey, from 2021, yields a score of 91%, the best in its history
  • The level of perceived quality (LPQ) by airlines exceeds 80%, a 4-point improvement over the result from 2020
  • The level of aerodrome control services provided by towers is 11.4% higher than in the last survey
  • The score for operational safety rises to 96.8%, and the air control service score is 87.7%
  • The availability of communications, navigation and surveillance systems remains above 99% at 44 of the 46 airports in the Aena network

Spanish airports give ENAIRE its best score ever in the last survey conducted in 2021. This study measures the perceived quality of the air control, communications, navigation and surveillance services provided by ENAIRE.

With regard to the scores that airports give to the air traffic control services at the aerodrome, and specifically to the services in the towers, in 2021 it was 4.4 out of 5, with the level of perceived quality (LPQ) being 11.4% higher than in the previous survey carried out in 2019.

To determine the LPQ of the airport segment, a survey was carried out at airports in 2021, in which it obtained a score of 91.0%, the highest ever received.

Of note is the operational safety value, which in 2021 was 96.8%. By service, the score for air control is 87.7%, management and control of traffic 90%, communications and navaids rose to 93.8%, the aviation information service obtained a result of 93.1%, airspace projects and design 85.8%, and ENAIRE management 89.5%.

In all these services, the surveys highlight the collaboration of ENAIRE staff and their coordination with airports, as well as the improved reporting on the status of projects.

Regarding the objective quality indicators of the service, set out in a contract with Aena and measured monthly at all the airports where ENAIRE provides its services, it is worth noting that the delay in air traffic flow management (ATFM) attributable to ENAIRE remains at zero in most airports.

The availability and continuity of communications, navigation and surveillance (CNS) systems and of air traffic services (ATS) not only met the stated target, but in December 2022, it was above 99% at 44 of the 46 airports.

Ratings from airlines and pilots

141 online surveys were received from pilots representing 25 different airlines.

By airline, 16 answered the survey, including the top 7 in the turnover ranking.

For the airlines, the LPQ in 2022 stood at 80.4%, a 4-point improvement over the result from 2020.


ENAIRE studies and analyses the LPQ of the services it provides annually with different customer segments. On an alternating basis, it surveys airlines and pilots in even years, and airports and general aviation in odd years.

These studies are conducted to determine the needs and expectations of customers while complying with one of the requirements of the ENAIRE Management System, which is certified as per the UNE-EN ISO 9001 standard and relies on a cross-cutting Action Plan.


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