The board of directors of ENAV appoint Paolo Simioni as CEO and establish board committees

- Rome, Italy.

The Board of Directors of ENAV S.p.A., appointed by the Shareholders' Meeting held today, and chaired for the first time by Mrs. Francesca Isgrò, has appointed Mr. Paolo Simioni as Chief Executive Officer, conferring on him, as Company head, all the ordinary and extraordinary administrative powers of the Company, except for those assigned otherwise by applicable legislation, by the by-laws or maintained by the Board within its own powers.

The Board delegated to the Chairman the supervision and coordination of internal audit activities, the drive and supervision on the application of the corporate governance rules regarding the activities of the Board of Directors and the board committees and, jointly with the Chief Executive Officer, the management of national and international institutional relations.

On the basis of the statements made by the Directors and the information available to the Company, the Board of Directors has ascertained that all Directors fulfil the requirements of integrity and professionalism and the absence of reasons for ineligibility and incompatibility, as required by current legislation and the by-laws.

On the basis of the assessments made by the Board of Directors with reference to the statements made by individual Directors and taking into account all the assessment parameters envisaged by the Corporate Governance Code, the following Directors meet the independence requirements required by the legislation, the Company’s by-laws and the Corporate Governance Code for listed companies: Angela Stefania Bergantino, Giuseppe Lorubio, Fabiola Mascardi, Fabio Pammolli, Carlo Paris, Antonio Santi and the Chairman Francesca Isgrò, meets only the independence requirements provided for by law and by the Company’s by-laws.

In accordance with the recommendations of the Corporate Governance Code, the Board established the following Board Committees:

  • Remuneration and Appointments Committee: Giuseppe Lorubio as Chairman and Laura Cavallo and Antonio Santi; 
  • Control, Risks and Related Parties Committee: Antonio Santi as Chairman and Laura Cavallo and Fabio Pammolli; 
  •  Sustainability Committee: Carlo Paris as Chairman and Angela Stefania Bergantino and Fabiola Mascardi.

 The Board of Statutory Auditors has verified the correct application of the assessment criteria and procedures adopted by the Board for assessing the independence of the members of the administrative body.

In today's meeting, the ENAV Board of Directors also took note of the positive outcome of the self-assessment process of the Board of Statutory Auditors, periodically carried out pursuant to art. 21.1 of the Statute and Regulations of the Board of Statutory Auditors.



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