EUROCAE AND IFATCA sign a MoU to strengthen cooperation

- Paris, France.

Developing  aviation  industry  standards  together:  The  International  Federation  of  Air  Traffic Ifatca Logo Controllers’ Associations (IFATCA) and the European Organization for Civil Aviation Equipment  (EUROCAE) have agreed to work together on developing aviation industry standards, with a particular  focus on standards for air traffic management. The Memorandum of Understanding enables the two  organizations to address relevant issues and will speed up the implementation of new technologies  to ensure safe, seamless and efficient aviation in Europe. 

Recognition  of  an  already  existing  cooperation:  The  Memorandum  of  Understanding  (MoU)  provides a framework for cooperation between the two organizations. These include exchanging  information, sharing expertise and best practices, and cross‐participation in working groups on the  future of Communication Navigation and Surveillance and Air Traffic Management. As a first step,  IFATCA joined EUROCAE as a Full Member in the end of 2017 in recognition of the efforts of both  organizations to enhance aviation and promote strong cooperation in developing industry standards  to support global and regional interoperability of air traffic management (ATM) systems. 

IFATCA  Tom  Laursen,  Executive  Vice  President  Europe  said:  “The  development  of  technical  standards are of great importance for improving safety, efficiency and regularity in air traffic. IFATCA  is happy, as a professional organization, to be fully engaged and partnered with EUROCAE”  IFATCA will join the EUROCAE Working Groups on ACAS, RPAS and Remote towers. 

EUROCAE Secretary General, Christian Schleifer‐Heingärtner, said, “We see a big overlap in areas of  interest on subjects we address with IFATCA and see a great opportunity to complement each other’s  working structure to the benefit of the aviation community. IFATCA as the voice of the international  air traffic controllers’ community provides a unique and valuable perspective during the development  of new procedures, systems and facilities. Strengthening the cooperation with associations like  IFATCA is a key objective of EUROCAE to further enhance the spectrum and quality of the EUROCAE  activities and resulting standards.” 

This collaboration is not intended to replace the individual contribution of EUROCAE and IFATCA  member organizations to EUROCAE and IFATCA activities, but rather to encourage their respective  members to strengthen their engagement in the work of EUROCAE and IFATCA.  

Christian Schleifer (left) and Tom Laursen (right)
Christian Schleifer (left) and Tom Laursen (right)


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