Flexible agreements improve over 100,000 flight profiles every year

- Langen, Germany.

Lower traffic density in wintertime gives individual FABEC air traffic control centres the opportunity to agree upon improved flight profiles with their neighbouring units during the winter schedule for the benefit of airlines. Overall, air navigation service providers have improved over 80 flight profiles, which have been used by over 100,000 flights every year since they were established. Every winter, 2,500 tonnes of fuel and 8,000 tonnes of CO2 can be saved thanks for it.  

Flexible airspace management has increased in use since 2014. The improvements these flexible agreements brought about mainly target defined city pairs and connections to airports. The air traffic control centres in Aix-en-Provence, Bordeaux, Brest, Brussels, Geneva, Karlsruhe, Langen, Maastricht, Paris, Reims, and Zurich have participated in developing these flexible procedures.

"By improving these flight profiles, our control centres are contributing significantly to a more efficient and environmentally friendly aviation system," said Maurice Georges, CEO DSNA and Chairman FABEC CEO Board. "At the same time, the success we have achieved also shows the excellent cooperation between the control centres as well as their willingness to develop flexible and innovative solutions together."

Two examples: Since November 2016, it has been possible to keep flight profiles to Munich Airport coming from the control centres in Geneva and Zurich at more efficient levels for a longer period. Approximately 3,300 flights per year are affected. The improved flight profile allows 1,700 tonnes of fuel and 530 tonnes of carbon dioxide to be saved.

A further example is flight profiles to Marseilles Airport that are controlled by the control centre in Bordeaux. About 5,200 flights per year use this new flight profile. As a result, the environmental impact can be reduced by 750 tonnes of CO2 because aircraft burn 230 tonnes less fuel.

Improved flight profile approaches to Munich Airport - FABEC
Improved flight profile approaches to Munich Airport - FABE

Improved flight profile approaches to Marseille Airport - FABEC
Improved flight profile approaches to Marseille Airport - FABEC


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