First in the world with new arrival route system

On 7 April Avinor will as the world's first air navigation services provider deploy the new arrival route system called Point Merge System (PMS) in the airspace over eastern Norway.
In short, PMS provides both the pilots and the air traffic control operators a greater degree of predictability when the aircraft approaches the airport. Before the meeting point (Point Merge), that all aircraft must pass when entering the last phase of the descent, the order of aircraft is determined using the system, which ensures an efficient and well-organized landing. Norway and Avinor are the first in the world to implement the system that is also planned for the airspace above Dublin, Munich, Brussels, Paris, Rome and Vienna.

Cuts 300 kg CO2
The current system entails that the aircraft descend towards the airport in stages between different altitudes with the use of throttle at each stage. With the new system the engines can practically idle as the aircraft glide down to the runway. This provides an average reduction in CO2 emissions of 300 kilograms per flight, explains Avinor project manager Geir Gillebo.

Capacity increase
The system will, along with other measures, facilitate a future increase in capacity at Oslo Airport Gardermoen.

However, by bringing the new system into use, the expected increase in traffic does not lead to a corresponding increase in emissions, says Gillebo.

The system has been developed by Eurocontrol Experimental Centre (EEC) in France and has been adapted to the airspace above eastern Norway in cooperation with Avinor. The system is a part of the comprehensive Oslo ASAP project (Advanced Sectorisation & Automation Project).

Extensive training
Since January 2010 extensive training of the personnel at the Røyken control centre has taken place, following realistic simulations of the system at EEC. Experiences so far are very positive.

Each air traffic controller will on average have completed 40-50 hours on simulator before deploying the new system.

Traffic restrictions
As a stage in the deployment of the new system, Avinor is introducing restrictions in the number of flights to and from eastern Norway for a period of some weeks from 7 April.

The restrictions will be introduced during the busiest times of the day, which is standard safety procedure when significant airspace changes are implemented. For the same reason there may be delays for some flights, Gillebo says.

The airlines have drawn up plans for dealing with this. Among other things, some cancellations have been planned for the period between 0730 and 0930 on 7 April. The passengers will be informed of this by their respective airlines. Some delays may also occur during the initial deployment period.
Sindre Anonsen


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