Flight Training rule change for gyroplanes

The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has announced that ab initio flight training on gyroplanes will be restricted to type approved versions only.

The CAA had previously allowed flying training to be conducted on amateur built gyroplanes, primarily because, unlike microlights, there was no certification code available to support the development and production of type approved gyroplanes. However, there are now several type approved gyroplanes on the market, many of which are being used for instructional purposes

The CAA said that no new Permissions for flight training will be granted on homebuild gyroplanes. Pilots with an existing licence, who are group owners of an amateur gyroplane, can pay for training or tests in that aircraft - providing the training does not contribute to the granting of a licence or rating.

Previously, only instructors using some selected homebuild gyroplanes and factory built type approved Gyroplanes were allowed to accept payment for training in their gyroplanes. The new rules extend this to all part owners of Permit to Fly gyroplanes and could allow, for example, a group owner to pay an instructor for a refresher flight if they have not flown for some time, or a familiarisation flight in a new aircraft they have not flown before, or even to learn a new skill like short field landings.

The new rules do not cover ex-military aircraft. The CAA is currently reviewing separately the policy on training for these ex-military aircraft.The permission, published in the Official Record Series as 859 and 860 can be found here www.caa.co.uk/ors4


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