FREQUENTIS and skyguide announce the official completion of the Swiss VISTA programme

High-level representatives from skyguide (the Swiss air navigation service provider) and Frequentis got together recently in Duebendorf to mark the successful completion of the VISTA programme. The award of a VISTA support contract to Frequentis continues the cooperation between the two organisations and reflects skyguides appreciation of the quality of the strategic partnership.
VISTA stands for Voice Integrated Switches for Air Traffic Control, and the VISTA I project covered ACC Genevas equipment requirements. VISTA II included equipment for skyguides second air traffic control centre in Zurich (initially at Kloten, and then in the new ACC Zurich Duebendorf). The successful completion of the programme was celebrated in an official ceremony at Duebendorf on August 25th.

Skyguide is very satisfied with both the delivered product and the excellent co-operation between the Swiss organisation and the Frequentis team. The success of the project again demonstrates the value of the Frequentis philosophy, where future-proof system design is based around a true understanding of unique customer needs and on a long-term partnership approach.
Philippe Chappuis, Director Procurement skyguide, says: Working with Frequentis is a real pleasure and the software development quality is very impressive. We particularly value the excellent cooperation and strategic partnership between our skyguide project team and Frequentis staff.

Luc Chevalley, Project Manager of the Vista Programme, highlights the flexibility of the development teams and their willingness to engage in an open exchange of ideas. This helped Frequentis better understand customer requirements and thus further optimize the design of the VISTA systems.

VISTA needed a future-proof solution Frequentis suggested the VISTA project use a future-proof solution based on the fully-digital VCS 3020X and VCX commercial off-the-shelf voice communication products. Particular attention was paid to safety aspects, back-up communication features and support for future integrated networking capabilities. The system ensures seamless integration into the existing Swiss and European communication networks.

The EMTEL (Emergency Telephone System) is based on the VCX network node, the first product worldwide that fully complies with the EUROCONTROL Cross Border Communications (CROBOCOM) recommendations and incorporates all main air traffic communications services.

The project covered equipment for ACC Geneva and Zurich, as well as the related simulation and validation systems. The agreed support contract covers all VISTA systems, allowing upgrades with new technologies (like VoIP) and extending the system lifecycle until 2028.

Frequentis is very proud of the co-operation with skyguide and the fruitful exchange of experience and ideas between customer and supplier during the project phase. The agreed support contract extends this co-operation until 2028, so both parties can continue working together to further improve the system and keep it at the cutting edge of air traffic voice communication technology.


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